Black Ops

We were approached by Operational Support at Black Ops asking that we ‘fix the brand’ to strengthen the corporate image of the company and showcase the medical side of the company.
Black Ops are at the forefront of technological advancements within the security and safety industry. Driven by the excitement of change and the importance of their brand image, they felt BENTO would be able to deliver the high standards the required for this important change for them.
The brief from Black Ops said that they wanted to come across as approachable whilst still having strength in the brand. To achieve this we worked hand in hand with Black Ops to ensure the design process went smoothly. We selected the branding colours carefully; rich blue that has strong connections with law enforcement and civil obedience contrasted against a strong and luxurious corporate grey to encourage approachability and offset against such a powerful company name.
Using Gill Sans bold as a base font for the brand ensured readability across all platforms; in print media for the company literature and their signage – making the re brand web and print safe.
We successfully avoided going down a modish route that might look outdated in several years. The finished brand is something that will stand the test of time, highlighting the success of Black Ops so far and everything in their future.

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